As a trained architect, I have a detailed understanding of the systems, processes and procedures involved in a wide range of human activities within the built environment, including education, domesticity, recreation, industry, culture and entertainment. I have the ability to create a brief from ethnographic research and execute design specifications that respond to complex requirements in collaboration with visual designers, technologists, engineers, and developers from 2D to 3D, VR and AR.

Ronan is both one of the most talented Interactive and UX experts 
I have worked with, and one of the most dedicated and passionate people I have had the pleasure to know.

Ronan’s got an amazing sense for design and architecture that he balances with strong business acumen, enabling him to quickly deliver creative innovation that directly delivers on client objectives.

His presence at Launchpad has also made a huge impact on both our work and our culture from the day he joined the agency. I can’t recommend Ronan more.
— Scott Elser, President of Launchpad, New York