Stakeholder Interviews

These interviews help me get a better grasp of the client's goals.

Competitor Analysis

It’s important to understand the landscape and precedents. 

Content Audit

Understanding the overall scale of the content in the system.

Contextual Inquiry

I observe how, where, and when people use the design in normal life.

User Surveys

I design surveys that help me to collect quantitative data from users.

User Interviews

Interviews with users are important to get qualitative data for personas.

Rapid Prototyping

Building functioning prototypes help me to test and iterate faster.

User Testing

I ask users to perform tasks in person and collect their feedback.



Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / Sketch / Invision / Axure / UXPin / Marvel / HTML-CSS / Keynote /  SketchUp / AutoCAD / Rhino / V-Ray / Unity 3D